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A number of Californians appearing for arraignment in DUI cases were recently the focus of a so-called police sting operation in Walnut Creek. News reports indicate that roughly 97 people appeared in Superior Court for arraignment on DUI charges on Sept. 26. Nearly all of the accused reportedly had suspended licenses.

Police say the judge warned each of the accused not to drive with a suspended license. News reports say most of the defendants did not drive, but police claim a number of people leaving the courthouse did drive away from their arraignments. Undercover officers reportedly watched as the defendants left the courthouse in Walnut Creek after the arraignment.

Law enforcement arrested 12 people leaving the courthouse. The undercover officers at the courthouse apparently radioed information to motorcycle officers waiting nearby. The motorcycle officers reportedly conducted traffic stops based upon the undercover officer's observations.

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In 2009, the United States Supreme Court ruled that a crime lab report was sufficiently similar to testimony. The case involved drug charges. The lab report stated the results of tests showed that a substance was cocaine. The Supreme Court ruled that prosecutors could not introduce the lab report as evidence in the criminal trial without a live witness that was competent to testify to the truth of the statements made in the report under the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution.

Thursday the Supreme Court ruled that the live witness cannot be anyone but the original lab analysts who conducted the laboratory test. Thursday's ruling involved a DUI case where prosecutors introduced a lab report showing the results of a blood test drawn after a DUI arrest. Prosecutors had a live witness testify as to the statements made in the lab report, but the live witness had not conducted the original analysis.

The prosecutor called a supervisor from the crime lab to testify regarding the results shown on the lab report. The supervisor had not personally conducted the laboratory tests. A separate lab technician had conducted the DUI blood test sample analysis and signed the lab report. The prosecutor said the original analyst was on unpaid leave, without offering any further information.


Two people have been charged with driving under the influence involving the same car after an alleged incident over the Father's Day weekend. Police allege the couple attended a party in Northridge on Saturday and consumed sufficient alcohol to raise their blood alcohol content above the legal limit in California. Each has been charged with California DUI charges and child endangerment.

Police say a Glendale woman called police to report that her boyfriend had driven off from a restaurant parking lot as she was attempting to place her daughter in the vehicle. The woman stopped to get something to eat after attending the party in Northridge. Police say the woman's boyfriend was sleeping in the car while the woman and the couple's daughter went inside to eat.

The 43-year-old Glendale man reportedly woke up in the back seat of the car and grew angry because his girlfriend was eating without him. Police say the man grabbed the car keys and drove off. Police say the woman submitted to a breath test, which returned results of .18 and .19. Police arrested the woman early Sunday on suspicion of driving under the influence and child endangerment, alleging the woman drove with her 4-year-old daughter in the car. The woman reportedly was released Sunday after posting a $100,000 bond.

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A 50-year-old Mill Valley man was arrested on three consecutive days in three separate Bay Area cities for suspicion of DUI. The man appeared in Marin Superior Court Wednesday on two charges of DUI. The man asked for a court hearing to be scheduled on June 20. That is the day the man is scheduled to appear in San Francisco on a third California DUI charge. The DA argued against scheduling the hearing on the same day as the San Francisco hearing. The judge denied the request and scheduled the next appearance in Marin for June 21. The man had hoped to have the three cases processed on the same day.

The allegations initially arose last month when the Mill Valley man was arrested outside a San Rafael bank on suspicion of drunk driving and allegations of driving with a blood alcohol level of .01 while on probation. The very next day the man was stopped in San Francisco and again arrested on suspicion of DUI.

The third consecutive day took the man to Novato. A woman says the man was staggering near his car and asked for a ride to Burger King. The man reportedly got into his Volkswagen Beetle and drove off. A police officer says he saw the Beetle make a wide turn. The officer conducted a traffic stop. The man was arrested for DUI for the third consecutive day.

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Law enforcement in California set up a number of DUI checkpoints over the Memorial Day holiday. Police say three people were arrested for DUI at a checkpoint that was set up over a four hour period Monday night in Salinas.

Police reportedly stopped a total of 652 vehicles during the checkpoint operation. Seven people were subjected to field sobriety tests, with three drivers arrested on suspicion of DUI. Law enforcement agencies set up a number of DUI checkpoints all over Monterey County and Santa Cruz County throughout the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

The DUI checkpoints often result in a variety of charges related to alleged motor vehicle code violations. During the Salinas DUI checkpoint operation, a 21-year-old man was stopped for alleged traffic violations. Police say the man has previously been deported twice. Law enforcement says the man has a felony record. Police say they contacted Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and placed the 21-year-old on an immigration hold.

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