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Criminal Defense Attorney in Santa Cruz, CA

Experienced Lawyer for California Clients Facing Criminal Charges

Santa Cruz Criminal Defense Attorney

When you have been charged with a crime, you deserve high-quality legal representation from skilled attorney ready to fight on your behalf. Santa Cruz Criminal Defense Lawyer John W. Thornton has dedicated his practice to helping those charged with all types of criminal offenses, focusing on those related to driving under the influence and drug crimes. Attorney Thornton understands the importance of meeting such charges aggressively and will work hard in protecting your rights and your future.

Santa Cruz Counsel for DUI and Related Charges

Since opening his practice more than 30 years ago, Attorney John W. Thornton has helped thousands of defendants through their most difficult challenges. His firm has always been focused exclusively on providing the responsible legal counsel to those facing criminal charges, without the distractions often associated with a more diverse practice, and just here in Santa Cruz.

He is especially committed to assisting those who have been charged with driving under the influence (DUI) or those facing related challenges, including:

Whatever the charges against you may be, you can rely on Mr. Thornton to conduct a full investigation into the circumstances of your arrest. He is prepared to challenge any and all breaches of proper procedure to ensure that your rights have not been compromised in any way.

Felonies and Misdemeanors in Santa Cruz

In addition to DUI-related cases, Mr. Thornton has vast experience in handling a wide variety of other types of charges as well. He is ready to put his skill and knowledge of law to work for you in helping you build a defense against charges involving:

John W. Thornton is a Santa Cruz criminal defense attorney who pledges to provide you with honest, responsible legal representation that is creative, pragmatic and cost-effective. He will help you understand your rights, and what you can reasonably expect from the justice system regarding your particular case. When necessary, he will even work with prosecutors to minimize the impact your future and to your family. He can also assist in petitioning for expungement of criminal offenses.

If you are facing criminal charges in Santa Cruz, contact the office of John W. Thornton to schedule your free initial consultation. Mr. Thornton will take the time to discuss your case, explain your options, and provide an objective analysis of your situation. Call 831-426-5800 today. He is proud to serve clients in and around Santa Cruz County.

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