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Santa Cruz Professional License Defense Lawyer

Consequences of Conviction for Doctors, Lawyers, Nurses and Other Professionals

Santa Cruz Professional License Defense Lawyer

Santa Cruz Defense Attorney John W. Thornton is prepared to defend your rights if your career is at risk after an arrest. If you are a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, teacher or work in another career where a professional license is threatened because you have been arrested, a criminal defense attorney with decades of experience is on your side. Santa Cruz Defense Attorney John W. Thornton understands the risks and has the experience to defend your rights and your livelihood after an arrest on suspicion of DUI or any other criminal offense.

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For over 30 years, John W. Thornton has been a criminal defense attorney for clients exclusively in Santa Cruz County in a wide variety of criminal cases including but not limited to:

A conviction related to any of the above can jeopardize your professional license. Limit your exposure to the most severe penalties with Santa Cruz Defense Attorney John W. Thornton representing you. Regardless of how complex your case or high the stakes may be, he is a Santa Cruz criminal defense attorney with the resources and experience you need on your side.

Have your Charges Reduced or Dismissed

If you have been arrested, gain peace of mind with an experienced attorney on your side. Get practical advice and aggressive protection of your rights. After listening to the details of your situation in a free consultation, Mr. Thornton will develop a criminal defense strategy tailor-made for your challenges. As he has done for many clients in the past, he may be able have your charges reduced or even dismissed if the police or prosecutors violated your rights in any way. If charges are dismissed, Mr. Thornton can also assist in the expungement of these offenses from your criminal record.

While Mr. Thornton is an extremely experienced Santa Cruz DUI defense attorney he has also represented clients charged with a wide variety of other crimes. He has established a reputation for always ensuring his clients are afforded the constitutional and professional protections they deserve. If your arrest has put your professional license at risk, contact Santa Cruz Defense Attorney John W. Thornton for the aggressive and knowledgeable representation you need.

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