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Santa Cruz Travel Restrictions to Canada

A Santa Cruz DUI Defense Attorney may be Able to Help you

Santa Cruz Travel Restrictions to Canada

Travel restrictions to Canada after being arrested for DUI, or suspicion of other crimes, are not something well known. In fact, if you have been arrested, travel restrictions to Canada may be the least of your worries. If you are dependent on travel to Canada as a part of your career, you have family in Canada or a planned trip to Canada, your ability to travel to Canada may be in jeopardy. You may be turned away at the border based upon a DUI arrest--not even a conviction. Whatever the reason you may need to travel to Canada, your best chance of avoiding the travel restriction is to avoid conviction on DUI charges.

For more than 30 years, Santa Cruz DUI Defense Attorney John W. Thornton has been representing clients arrested for DUI exclusively in Santa Cruz County. Whether you live in the area or you were visiting when you were arrested, Mr. Thornton is prepared to be your Santa Cruz criminal defense attorney.

To speak with a highly experienced DUI defense attorney in Santa Cruz, call 831-426-5800 for a free and confidential consultation or contact John W. Thornton online.

If you have a DUI, Canada may Prevent you from Entering the Country

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, entering Canada with a United States DUI conviction can be nearly impossible. This restriction is a relatively unknown consequence and can be an extremely inconvenient and even devastating to your career and reputation. There is hope available, however. After a DUI arrest in Santa Cruz, your best chance of avoiding the Canadian travel restriction is to have your charges dropped and case dismissed. Santa Cruz DUI Defense Attorney John W. Thornton has represented thousands of people arrested on suspicion of DUI, and knows what to look for to get the best result.

If your case must proceed to trial, Santa Cruz DUI Defense Attorney John W. Thornton has decades of experience in courtrooms throughout the Santa Cruz area. He may even be able to appear in court on your behalf if you are from outside the Santa Cruz area. Using all of his resources and experience, he will rigorously defend your rights and fight to have you exonerated.

Fight to retain your license. Fight to avoid conviction. Call an attorney who will significantly reduce your risk of conviction. For a free consultation, contact Santa Cruz DUI Defense Attorney John W. Thornton.

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