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Santa Cruz Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

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Santa Cruz Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

If you need a Santa Cruz domestic violence lawyer, Defense Lawyer John W. Thornton has the experience and background to handle your case. No matter what legal challenge you are facing Thornton has over 30 years experience defending “DV” cases. District attorneys in California take domestic violence charges very seriously, and the consequences for a conviction can be devastating. An officer called to the scene of a domestic disturbance nearly always arrests a person accused of spousal abuse, even despite all efforts by the victim to prevent it or later drop the domestic assault charges. A conviction can lead to jail time and other severe consequences. 

Call as soon as possible. Protect your rights with an experienced Santa Cruz domestic violence defense attorney on your side. Free consultations and straightforward legal advice at 831-426-5800 or 831-566-4357.

If you are accused of domestic violence, you should obtain experienced legal help immediately. Over more than 30 years, Santa Cruz Domestic Violence Attorney John W. Thornton has defended hundreds of individuals facing domestic assault charges. Additionally, he has handled numerous cases in which his clients have been accused of restraining order violations. Contact Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer John W. Thornton today to schedule a free initial consultation no matter what legal challenge you are facing. He will develop an informed, intelligent, and pragmatic plan to handle your defense strong legal defense of your rights.

Criminal Penalties in California for Domestic Violence

If convicted of domestic violence in California, you may face jail time, an order of protection/restraining order, 12 months of battery treatment classes, fines, restitution and a permanent criminal record for domestic abuse/spousal assault. If convicted of domestic violence in California, there is also a lifetime ban on possessing firearms (though this may change soon – Supreme Court case pending). You have a legal ally if you are facing these legal consequences. 

At the office of John W. Thornton, Attorney at Law, we will act quickly to develop an aggressive defense strategy focused on mitigating any potential damages. We will conduct a thorough investigation into the evidence obtained against you. When appropriate, we will interview any eyewitnesses, including neighbors, relatives or family friends.

If the charges cannot be dropped, we will negotiate for either lesser charges or a lesser sentence based upon the facts of the case and your record. Trial is always an option, and may be appropriate for your case – but the goal is always a dismissal without having to face the shame, time consumption, and expense of a trial. If the charges are dismissed, we can assist with expungement of criminal offenses. There is truly no substitute for an experienced and proven domestic violence criminal defense lawyer. Contact our attorney immediately.

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