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Santa Cruz Gang Crimes Lawyer

California Gang Crimes Lawyer

Santa Cruz Gang Crimes Lawyer

If you commit a crime, and the police consider you a gang member, you can face harsh penalties. However, you do not need to accept their assumption that you are a gang member. Santa Cruz criminal defense lawyer John W. Thornton can take your side and fight to get sentences reduced or get charges thrown out entirely, if possible.

What Are California Gang Crimes?

Most California gang crimes are felonies and will bring significant jail time or prison. They can also be considered strikes under California's Three Strikes law. The most common California gang crimes are:

Many laws have made sentences more severe if the alleged acts were committed by gang members. Misdemeanors can be elevated to felonies. With more than 30 years of experience in Santa Cruz criminal defense, Attorney John Thornton is experienced in handling gang allegations.

How Do Police Decide You Are a Gang Member?

The police have their own criteria for deciding whether people are gang members, and thus whether they can prosecute them for California gang crimes. You can be labeled a gang member for:

  • Being seen in photos with gangs
  • Wearing clothes of a certain color
  • Receiving mail from a gang member

Of course, these criteria would make a gang member's grandmother a gang member too. Obviously, the police are often wrong, and a skilled criminal defense lawyer can argue against these allegations.

Santa Cruz, California gang crimes lawyer John W. Thornton provides skilled and knowledgeable defense to people charged in Santa Cruz County, including Santa Cruz, Aptos, Ben Lomond, Big Basin, Boulder Creek, Brookdale, Capitola, Corralitos, Davenport, Felton, Freedom, La Selva Beach, Las Lomas, Lompico, Los Gatos, Mount Hermon, Pajaro, Paradise Park, Rio del Mar, Royal Oaks, Scotts Valley, Seacliff, Seascape, Soquel and Watsonville. Contact our law firm today.

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