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Santa Cruz DUI Marijuana Lawyer

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Santa Cruz DUI Marijuana Lawyer

While attitudes are changing regarding the use of pot, driving while under the influence of marijuana is more than frowned upon: it is prosecuted throughout Santa Cruz. If you are convicted of DUI marijuana, you face steep fines, the loss of your license and months of inconvenience as well as an increase on your car insurance premiums. With Santa Cruz DUI Marijuana Lawyer John W. Thornton on your side, you can significantly reduce your risk of conviction.

While marijuana has been legalized for recreational use in California, driving under the influence of any drug remains unlawful (see Vehicle Code section 23152(e): "It is unlawful for a person who is under the influence of any drug to operate a motor vehicle"). To the extent that marijuana causes one to be "under the influence" for purposes of driving, this law is applicable. The issue, of course, is whether one is under the influence. Merely testing positive for marijuana is quite likely insufficient proof of that issue. Actual levels of THC, a diver's history of marijuana use, timing of use, and other factors go into the analysis of whether a driver is actually impaired by the use of marijuana.

Not surprisingly, there are quite a few scientific studies in this area. What is somewhat surprising, at least to some, is that several studies conclude that there is no effect on driving. Others conclude that it can have an effect, but actual impairment is dependent on various factors – factors which may or may not be present in a given case. An excellent article (and excellent information generally) can be found on the NORML website.

Here in Santa Cruz, marijuana tolerance is prevalent throughout the community. While attitudes vary, as a community we have strongly and consistently supported medical marijuana as well as the outright legalization of marijuana. In 2006, Santa Cruz City voters overwhelmingly passed Measure K, a law that made marijuana investigations the "lowest priority" of the Santa Cruz Police department. Any time a marijuana-related issue is placed before the voters of Santa Cruz, the outcome is predictable – we side with legalization. This attitude does not hold true with driving under the influence. Individuals charged with driving under the influence of marijuana should seek the advice of an experienced attorney as soon after arrest as possible.

Knowledgeable Criminal Defense Attorney Fighting Marijuana Charges

If you or a loved has been arrested for DUI in the Santa Cruz area, you may be unsure about where to turn. This is not the time to simply rely on hope. To fight the charges you face, you deserve a highly qualified and extremely experienced defense lawyer. For more than 30 years, Santa Cruz DUI Marijuana Lawyer John W. Thornton has been defending clients throughout the Santa Cruz area. He has appeared on his clients' behalf in every court in the area and is deeply familiar with the law enforcement apparatus in the Santa Cruz area. His familiarity and his intense commitment to his clients' rights may make the difference in your case.

An attorney with extensive experience knows that police can make mistakes, that evidence can be mishandled, that innocent people are arrested without justifiable cause. Trust an attorney to fight for you when you cannot fight for yourself. A Santa Cruz criminal defense attorney like John W. Thornton knows the law and how to protect your rights. Contact him now for the legal defense you need after a DUI marijuana arrest in Santa Cruz.

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