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Santa Cruz Sales Cultivation Lawyer

Santa Cruz Marijuana Sales Lawyer

Santa Cruz Sales Cultivation Lawyer

Major Law Change 11/8/16: Many marijuana "crimes" are no longer crimes. Following the passage of Proposition 64, most felony or misdemeanor offenses have been downgraded to misdemeanors or infractions. Those who had been convicted of an offense before November 8, 2016 that would have resulted in a lesser penalty under current laws may file a petition for resentencing or dismissal of charges. For more information, please call our Santa Cruz office at 831-426-5800.

Seasoned Santa Cruz Marijuana Cultivation Attorney

At the law office of John W. Thornton, Attorney at Law, we are committed to helping patients, caregivers and dispensaries authorized to distribute medical or recreational marijuana stay on the right side of the law. This isn't as easy as it sounds. The law in California is in a state of flux. Clear definitions remain elusive.

For more than 25 years, Santa Cruz marijuana sales lawyer John W. Thornton has defended individuals accused of selling and distributing marijuana in Santa Cruz. He is at the cutting edge of this emerging legal area.

If you overstep your boundaries, you could face state or federal drug charges. Contact our law firm today for an aggressive criminal defense strategy or to avoid marijuana drug charges.

Defending Your Right to Grow Medical and Recreational Marijuana

Santa Cruz County board of supervisors have passed a law saying it is legal to medicinally possess up to three pounds of marijuana or grow up to 100 square foot canopy of marijuana. Yet, a California state court has said that this may be unconstitutional.

We all know that the law allows patients, caregivers, and collectives to grow marijuana for medical use. In addition, those who obtain the proper licenses are allowed to grow, distribute, and sell marijuana for recreational use. However, there is still some confusion about the amount of marijuana which can be legally cultivated and how it can be distributed to the folks who everyone agrees are selling marijuana lawfully. Some people get visited by law enforcement and are told they are okay and within the guidelines. Yet, other people in similar situations are charged with marijuana crimes. Attorney John Thornton has been involved in many of these cases over the last 25 plus years. He is aware of the trends and changes in the law. He is well equipped to protect your rights in this arena.

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If you are accused of illegally cultivating or selling marijuana in Santa Cruz County, contact our law firm online or call 831-426-5800 or 831-566-4357 for a thorough assessment of your case. For your convenience, John W. Thornton, Attorney at Law, offers free initial consultations.

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