In light of the football star's recent and tragic death, neighbors are outraged that the burglary occurred. Law enforcement says that someone apparently rummaged through cabinets inside the garage before taking a bicycle valued at around $500. The theft is believed to have occurred May 7.

News of the event spread across the country. Wednesday, a woman who had heard of the bicycle theft was riding her own bike in Oceanside and spotted a bicycle outside a thrift store that she believed matched the description of the stolen bike. Police say that they recovered the bike thanks to that woman. No arrests have been made in the case, as investigators continue to look into the event.

The bicycle has been returned to its owner-a friend of Seau. The friend of the late football star reportedly is happy to have the bicycle back.

The recent burglary followed Seau's tragic suicide by less than a week. Oceanside, California, workers reportedly had planned to maintain the home after the recent events, but authorities say that all Seau's belongings have now been removed. Two of the football star's children were at their father's home the night after the bicycle theft.

Police continue to look for someone they can link to the burglary.


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