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Florida Motorists Refuse DUI Checks at Checkpoints by Rolling Up Windows

 Posted on January 19,2015 in DUI

In Florida, a DUI defense lawyer hit the headlines recently for his daring advise for motorists at DUI checkpoints.

The lawyer in South Florida distributed a number of flyers that simply encourage motorists, who find themselves at a checkpoint to refuse a DUI test, and keep their windows rolled up. The lawyer’s flyer distributed across the South Florida region, informs motorists that all they have to do when stopped by police at a DUI checkpoint is to keep their car windows rolled up, and hold up the flyer, so that police can read it.

The flyer also advises them to hold up their license, vehicle registration, and insurance documents to police at the window. It advises them to keep silent, and not speak at all. It also advises them to record all that happens on audio, or video.

Police officers however are not impressed. They uphold that DUI checkpoints are legal, and have been legal since 1990 when the Supreme Court upheld the use of such DUI checkpoints. According to police officers, motorists will not be allowed out of a DUI checkpoint until they open their mouth to talk.

The defense lawyer however believes that his approach is working. He believes that there is a legal loophole in the system that can help prevent drivers from getting arbitrarily arrested for DUI. He has uploaded several videos of this experiment, and has found that when motorists, refuse to roll down their windows, and simply refuse to talk to police officers, they are allowed to proceed through the checkpoint.

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