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Police Search Neighborhood for Suspects in California Robbery

Posted on in Dealing with the Police

Upon reports of an alleged violent, takeover style bank robbery, La Mesa police flooded a neighborhood in search of suspects. SWAT teams reportedly locked the neighborhood down. Police evacuated residents and searched homes. An officer saw a man allegedly fitting a description of the suspected California armed robbers.

The man was walking away from a car. The officer called for backup. The man reportedly began to run, fleeing behind an elementary school. The officer called out to the allegedly fleeing man, ordering him to stop. The police officer un-holstered his gun and fired shots toward the suspect. All of the rounds the officer fired missed the allegedly fleeing suspect.

The man jumped a fence and disappeared into the neighborhood.

Backup officers from La Mesa Police, National City, The California Highway Patrol and the Federal Bureau of Investigation flooded the area near the elementary school.

Helicopters buzzed overhead. The search continued. SWAT teams continued to evacuate residents in search of two suspected armed robbers. Reports came in to the police station of alleged fugitives in neighborhood backyards.

After three hours of searching yards and houses, a 23-year-old male was found hiding in a garage. He reportedly is the man the officer shot at. The male was arrested on suspicion of committing a violent crime.

Law enforcement continued the search, moving house to house through the San Diego Neighborhood into the night. At roughly 11 p.m. Law enforcement allowed residents to return to their homes. Officers returned to routine duties. The second suspect was not located during the search.

The officer that had fired his weapon reportedly has been with the San Diego Police for one year. He has 30-year experience in law enforcement.

Source: San Diego Union Tribune, "SWAT search for armed bank robbers in Rolando; 1 arrested," Pauline Repard, 30 Oct 2010

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