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Two suspects detained in USC Halloween party shooting

 Posted on November 01,2012 in Firearm Possession

The University of Southern California campus was put on lockdown for a period of time Wednesday night after a shooting incident injured four people. Authorities believe that a man critically injured in the shooting was the primary target, while three other people were bystanders who were swept into the incident.

The man critically injured is a former standout football player from Crenshaw High School who was dubbed as the "most versatile and feared player" on the 2009 Los Angeles area high school football team by the Los Angeles Times.

Authorities say that the athlete had attended a Halloween party Wednesday night on the USC campus. University officials believe that roughly 400 people attended the party. The former Crenshaw High athlete apparently became involved in some kind of disturbance with another man.

Several law enforcement agencies believe that the second man pulled out a gun and shot the athlete in the torso, leading to critical injuries. Three bystanders were also hit in the shooting incident.

One witness says that roughly 100 people were milling about outside the large Halloween party. The witness told the Los Angeles Times that at least four shots were fired. The crowd began to scatter. Some students ducked down during the incident, but a witness says that everyone began running when the shots rang out.

Two people apparently ran from the area and gained the attention of security personnel. University officials say that two suspects were chased down. Campus security officers caught up to the two suspects and detained the two within roughly 100 yards of the scene of the shooting incident.


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