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All-Night Drinking without Getting Drunk? This Man Claims It’s Possible

 Posted on April 04, 2014 in DUI

Could the secret of avoiding drunk driving be as simple as eating yeast before you begin drinking your beer? According to one beer connoisseur, it definitely is. Jim Koch, who happens to be the chairman and cofounder of the Boston Beer Company, recently admitted his long-held secret to avoiding the effect of drinking, even after several beers.

According to him, he consumes standard regular yeast mixed in yogurt just before he begins drinking. The standard prescription is one teaspoon for every beer. According to his experience, the yeast breaks down the alcohol in the stomach, and thereby prevents the alcohol from being observed in the bloodstream. Therefore, according to him, there are very few of the intoxicating effects that are normal after having a few beers.

The theory is that the yeast breaks down the alcohol molecules into components of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon, right in the stomach before the alcohol moves to the liver. Therefore, there are few of the intoxicating effects of alcohol that are very often seen when a person has had 5 to 6 beverages.

Koch’s ability to tolerate alcohol is legend in the beer industry, but this is first time that he has divulged his secret. Critics however claim that his theory has no basis. According to them, eating yeast before drinking will hardly prevent you from getting drunk. Even if there are any benefits to be had from consuming yeast before throwing back a few beers, they are likely to be very temporary.

Considering that the theory hasn't been proved, Los Angeles DUI lawyers wouldn't recommend that you eat yeast before binging, and then get behind the wheel of your car.

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