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California couple charged with DUI after dispute in parking lot

 Posted on June 22,2011 in DUI

Two people have been charged with driving under the influence involving the same car after an alleged incident over the Father's Day weekend. Police allege the couple attended a party in Northridge on Saturday and consumed sufficient alcohol to raise their blood alcohol content above the legal limit in California. Each has been charged with California DUI charges and child endangerment.

Police say a Glendale woman called police to report that her boyfriend had driven off from a restaurant parking lot as she was attempting to place her daughter in the vehicle. The woman stopped to get something to eat after attending the party in Northridge. Police say the woman's boyfriend was sleeping in the car while the woman and the couple's daughter went inside to eat.

The 43-year-old Glendale man reportedly woke up in the back seat of the car and grew angry because his girlfriend was eating without him. Police say the man grabbed the car keys and drove off. Police say the woman submitted to a breath test, which returned results of .18 and .19. Police arrested the woman early Sunday on suspicion of driving under the influence and child endangerment, alleging the woman drove with her 4-year-old daughter in the car. The woman reportedly was released Sunday after posting a $100,000 bond.

Law enforcement says the woman admitted she drove the car after the party because her boyfriend was heavily intoxicated. Police claim they went to the couple's Glendale home early Sunday and subjected the man to chemical tests. Police claim the man's blood alcohol level registered .11. The man was taken into custody and was jailed in Glendale. The district attorney's office reportedly filed DUI and child cruelty charges against the man Tuesday.

Source: Glendale News-Press, "Couple accused of DUI with child in car," Veronica Rocha 21 Jun 2011

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