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California homeowner faces murder charge after his home burglarized

 Posted on March 29,2011 in Shoplifting, Robbery & Burglary

The 29-year-old homeowner looked outside and saw the stranded motorist lingering in the neighborhood in the early morning hours. The homeowner decided to confront the 20-year-old who the homeowner believed had committed the California burglary.

The homeowner reportedly grabbed an implement that police say may have been an ax before he ventured outside to confront the man he suspected was the burglar. When the homeowner approached the 20-year-old along the street sometime after 3:15 a.m., the 20-year-old reportedly fled. The homeowner allegedly chased after the 20-year-old for roughly a quarter mile. The homeowner is accused of attacking the 20-year-old.

After the incident, the homeowner returned home and called police around 4:30 a.m. Law enforcement arrived in the area and found the 20-year-old dead from trauma to his head. Police questioned the homeowner and later arrested him on suspicion of murder.

The homeowner does not appear to have any criminal history. The allegations in the unfortunate incident appear to involve mistaken identity. Police say that it does not appear that drugs or alcohol were involved in the incident.

Police investigated the home of the accused and say there is evidence to support the fact that the man's home had been burglarized before the incident.

Source: Sacramento Bee, "Investigators: Man killed by would-be vigilante had only gotten car stuck," Kim Minugh and Matt Kawahara 27 Mar 2011

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