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California man avoids prison in plea to drug charges

Posted on in Drug Crimes

A 35-year-old man that police once compared to the fictional character Jason Bourne pled guilty Friday to multiple felonies in a plea deal that will allow the man to avoid prison time. The accused entered guilty pleas to two counts of felony drug charges alleging possession with intent to sell, and one count each of possession of concentrated cannabis, forgery and possession for sale of a controlled substance while armed. The judge imposed a suspended 7-year prison term and released the man on probation.

The case stems from a tip police claim a neighbor called in, reporting a suspicious smell emanating from the man's penthouse apartment. Police and firefighters reportedly responded to the location, but reportedly did not detect any suspicious smells.

Nonetheless, police requested to enter the apartment and the man refused the request. Police claim they remained concerned about potential danger inside the apartment based upon the neighbor's phoned-in tip. While outside the door, one officer says the apartment grew quiet, further raising police concerns. Law enforcement says the broke in the door, even though they apparently did not have a warrant to conduct a search.

Police say the man escaped through a window, toting two duffel bags. Police say they found suspicious guns in the apartment and then sought a search warrant. After returning with the warrant, police say they found drugs and counterfeit money inside the apartment.

The man police say was in the apartment was traced to his girlfriend's apartment roughly two months after the apartment raid. The man was arrested on the drug and forgery charges at his girlfriend's residence, according to police.

The man apparently represented himself and originally argued that the original entry into the apartment was unconstitutional. The man appeared last week and pled guilty to five felonies under the plea agreement with prosecutors.

Source: La Downtown News Online, "Brian Alexik Pleads Guilty, Released on Probation," Ryan Vaillancourt, Sept.23, 2011

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