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California man charged with domestic violence, may face three strikes

 Posted on December 15,2011 in Domestic Violence

The 50-year-old man appeared in court last week for a preliminary hearing, where the judge found probable cause to hold the man over for trial on felony domestic violence and other charges. The man now remains in custody on a parole hold. Reports indicate the man has three strikes on his record, which could expose him to the strict sentencing provisions under California's three strikes law.

Reports indicate that the man's wife initially did not him want to stay with her, but then agreed to allow him to stay for two days. Then, according to police, the phone rang. Law enforcement claims the man's wife took the call in the bathroom, which upset the defendant. Police claim the man grew angry because the call was from another man.

Authorities accuse the man of forcing his way into the bathroom and attempting to grab her phone. Police say the woman then tried to leave and accuse the man of preventing her from doing so. Law enforcement claims the man grabbed the woman and threw her to the ground during the alleged altercation. Authorities also accuse the man of choking the woman for roughly 15 seconds.

Police say the man's wife called a friend, asking the friend to call 911. Authorities say the man grabbed the cellphone, broke it and then removed his GPS prison tracking bracelet with a knife before fleeing the apartment. The couple reportedly has been married for 13 years.

The man has been charged with felony corporal injury to a spouse, misdemeanor false imprisonment and interference with a cellphone.

Source: Chico Enterprise-Record, "Felon with three strikes faces trial for domestic violence," Ryan Olson, Dec. 7, 2011

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