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CHP accuses naked Hesperia woman of felony DUI in accident involving fiancé

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The California Highway Patrol claims that a Hesperia, California woman struck her fiancé in a freak accident early Thursday morning in Phelan. Law enforcement says that investigators still do not know what happened in detail. However, the CHP believes that the woman was impaired when she struck her fiancé after he got out of the car the couple was allegedly sitting in before the accident.

The CHP says that each the man and the woman involved were not wearing clothes when law enforcement arrived at the accident scene. Officials believe that the woman's fiancé had gotten out of the car for an unknown reason. He is believed to have walked in front of the car while his fiancé moved into the driver's seat.

The CHP accuses the woman of hitting the gas pedal and the car struck the man as he crossed in front of the car. Authorities say that the woman slammed on the brakes, but lost control of the car as it ran across the street, striking a chain link fence.

The man suffered serious injuries. His fiancé is now accused of felony DUI.

California law allows prosecutors to seek harsh consequences when DUI allegations involve a car accident, especially in those cases where authorities accuse a person of being involved in an injury car accident while under the influence. Felony charges can be filed, even for a first time offense when injury accidents are alleged in DUI charges.

Source: Victorville Daily Press, "Nude woman hits naked fiancé," Tomoya Shimura, Jan. 24, 2013

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