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City in California Considers Posting DUI Arrests on Facebook

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The Los Angeles Times reports that the city of Huntington Beach is looking into publishing the names of driver arrested for DUI on the city's Facebook page. The Huntington Beach City Council asked local law enforcement in the city if the police would be willing to post the names on the internet. The tactic is being characterized as a public shaming of the accused.

Huntington Beach, like many cities in California, is becoming increasingly aggressive in its focus on DUI charges. The city reportedly has added more officers who focus on DUI cases. In addition to the public shaming tactic on the internet, the city intends to send letters to bars after one of the bar's patrons has been arrested on suspicion of DUI.

The public shaming on Facebook arose as an idea after the Huntington Beach Independent, a community newspaper, stopped publishing listings of the names of drivers arrested for driving under the influence.

Huntington Beach police officers reportedly made 1,687 DUI arrests in 2009. The number reportedly is one of the highest rates in California, based upon the size of the city.

The city council has referred the Facebook idea to the city attorney to review for legal barriers that may exist in publishing the information on Facebook.

Source: Los Angeles Times, "Huntington Beach might post DUI arrests on Facebook," Tony Barboza, 18 Nov 2010

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