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Former 49er and Raider Kwame Harris accused of felony domestic assault

 Posted on February 01, 2013 in Domestic Violence

Police say that the argument began in the restaurant, and authorities assert that Harris became angrier when his dining partner poured soy sauce on the former tackle's rice at the restaurant.

However, prosecutors say that the verbal argument during dinner did not resolve, and eventually grew to a physical altercation later in the evening. The former NFL football player was charged last fall with felony domestic abuse with great bodily injury and assault with great bodily injury. He pled not guilty to the charges during the fall, and the case is now scheduled to go to trial in April.

Prosecutors claim that the 240 pound former tackle had a romantic relationship with a 220 pound Los Angeles resident, who was visiting the San Francisco area when the argument broke out. Authorities also say that the two men had previously lived together, but had broken up before the alleged altercation. Police accuse the former football player of pinning his ex-boyfriend against a plate glass window as the argument escalated.

Authorities say that Harris struck the man in the head several times, causing injury. Prosecutors say that the man sustained compound facial fractures in the incident. Doctors reportedly inserted a metal plate during surgery.

Harris' pre-trial appearance in court came one day before a current 49er cornerback created a flap after making anti-gay remarks during a Super Bowl media day interview with a radio host. The radio shock jock reportedly was asking questions, including one about potential gay men in an NFL locker room, when the flap arose. Cornerback Chris Culliver has apologized for those remarks.

Generally, California domestic violence charges apply to relationships far beyond spousal relationships in California. The laws prohibiting domestic abuse apply to people are involved in an intimate relationship, or previously were in such a relationship. The consequences of a conviction for domestic violence are far reaching. It is important for anyone accused of domestic abuse, or assault with bodily injury, to speak as soon as possible with legal counsel.


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