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Former California police officer charged with perjury, falsifying reports

 Posted on May 20,2011 in Dealing with the Police

Prosecutors in Sacramento have filed 34 felony charges against a former Sacramento Police Officer for allegedly lying on police reports, in criminal court hearings and on driver's license suspension forms in DUI cases. In September, the District Attorney's Office dismissed 79 criminal cases in Sacramento County due to the false allegations of the police officer came to light. The current criminal charges filed against the former officer stem from 24 of the dismissed cases.

The majority of the dismissed cases involved charges brought against Californians for allegations of driving under the influence. In January 2010, the officer was placed on administrative leave after he was accused of brandishing a weapon while he was off duty. During the administrative leave, an attorney reviewed videotape of a DUI traffic stop that had been captured on the officer's squad car video camera. The footage reportedly showed different facts than those written in the officer's police report.

Reviews of other dash-cam footage showed additional discrepancies related to allegations of failed field sobriety tests that were not supported in the videotapes. Other discrepancies discovered through review of the videotapes show contradictions to what the officer wrote in police reports about witness statements and the demeanor of individuals under investigation.

A number of the current charges allege the officer lied under oath during court proceedings. Ten of the 34 charges levied against the officer allege perjury.

The former officer was booked into the Sacramento County Main Jail Wednesday with bail set at $80,000. The 26-year reportedly was been released after posting bail.

A person charged with DUI in California has the right to challenge the evidence prosecutors allege to have against the accused. A seasoned Santa Cruz criminal defense attorney can review the allegations and evidence the prosecutors are relying on in bringing the charges to provide a thorough assessment of an individual's criminal defense.

Source: Sacramento Bee, "Sacramento ex-cop faces 34 charges of lying, perjury," Kim Minugh 19 May 2011

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