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Four arrested on suspicion of running California burglary ring

 Posted on December 06,2011 in Shoplifting, Robbery & Burglary

Police claim four people, who were arrested recently on suspicion of operating a burglary ring, used the Internet and police scanners as part of their operation. Law enforcement believes the group can be linked to 20 or more residential burglaries spanning across three Southern California communities.

Law enforcement claims that one of the accused was inside a Covina home while the residents were away on vacation. A relative of the residents stopped by to feed the pets and saw an unfamiliar vehicle in the driveway and believed the door had been forced open. That relative reportedly called 911 to report a suspected burglary.

The relative reportedly headed toward the police station and saw two Sheriff's deputies while en route. The relative spoke to the deputies who reportedly arrested a 32-year-old Pomona man after allegedly leaving the Covina residence. Officers from the Covina Police were called in and reportedly took custody of the Pomona man.

Law enforcement claims the man was carrying a portable police scanner at the time of the arrest. Law enforcement believes the man used the scanner during alleged burglaries to escape before police could arrive. Police say that due to the relative's involvement and the nature of the initial report, the police radios were not necessary to relay information about the alleged burglary, potentially factoring in to the arrest of the burglary suspect.

News reports indicate that police raided several residences after the initial arrest. Law enforcement arrested four other people. Three were arrested on suspicion of being involved in the alleged burglary ring. The other was arrested on suspicion of possession of methamphetamine charges. News reports are sketchy on the nature of the drug charges.

Police say they seized a list during one of the raids that law enforcement believes is a list of victims, or potential victims. Apparently the information contained on the list was derived from online databases. Law enforcement has disclosed little information regarding the list.

Police say they recovered property during the investigation that was taken during previous alleged burglaries in the area.

Source: San Gabriel Valley Tribune, "Covina police break burglary ring that targeted public officials and used police scanners," Ruby Gonzales, Nov. 29, 2011

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