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Four people arrested on suspicion of Mariposa gem museum heist

Posted on in Criminal Defense

Law enforcement has made four arrests in connection with the theft of gold and gems from a museum in Mariposa, California. However, police say that more arrests are not out of the question. With the size of the alleged take in the break-in, police apparently are looking to round up as many suspects as possible.

Authorities say that men broke into the California State Mining and Minerals Museum in Mariposa during the light of day and ransacked the place during the alleged robbery. Officials say that the alleged thieves were disguised as ninjas as they entered the museum. After gaining entry, officers say that the men moved two workers to a back room, and then went on a rampage-smashing display cases inside the museum.

The alleged thieves set off an alarm while accessing a vault at the facility. Authorities say that the alarm triggered an automatic sequence to close the vault door. The intruders reportedly were able to escape from the vault before the door slammed shut. A nugget reportedly mined during the California Gold Rush weighing nearly 14 pounds made of crystalline gold is housed in the vault, but reportedly was left intact at the museum.

Police say that the alleged robbers took more than $1 million in gens and gold during the September 28 heist. The CHP says that some gold with quartz alleged stolen during the event has been recovered.

Four suspects were arrested Tuesday on suspicion of being involved in the museum heist. A 42-year-old Georgetown, California man was arrested Tuesday afternoon on suspicion of attempted burglary and felony conspiracy charges. Three men were arrested Tuesday morning on conspiracy to commit robbery allegations. Authorities say that the suspects may also be linked to other alleged crimes in Sacramento and Placer counties.

Three of the suspects are being held in lieu of $1 million bond at the Mariposa County Jail. The fourth suspect, a 40-year-old El Dorado County resident, reportedly is facing unrelated drug charges and is being held without bail.


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