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Getting Your License Back After a California DUI Arrest

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California DUI defense lawyerIf you were recently arrested for an alleged DUI, you might be concerned about what happens next. You may also be wondering what this might mean when it comes to your license. Rest assured: it is possible to fight back against the DUI charges and your California license suspension. Learn more with help from the following information.

What Happens to Your License?

When an officer arrests an individual under the suspicion of drunk driving, they are required to immediately forward a copy of the driver’s license to the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The license of the driver may be immediately confiscated, and the officer may issue a temporary license and an Order of Suspension. Upon receipt of the Order of Suspension, the driver has up to 10 days to request an administrative hearing with the DMV. However, the driver may continue to drive using their temporary license for up to 30 days. 

Improving Your Chances of a Positive Outcome

While you can fight the charges and suspension on your own, you do have the right to obtain legal representation. Doing so can improve your ability to effectively navigate the administrative and criminal DUI processes. Having experienced legal assistance early on in your case may also increase your chances of achieving a positive outcome. 

Getting Your License Back After a Suspension

If your license is suspended and you do receive a conviction under California’s DUI laws, you may still have options. Those that need to drive to and from work may request a restricted license from the DMV. Alternatively, you may wait to reinstate your license until after the suspension period is complete. The time-period for this will depend on a broad range of factors, such as the exact details surrounding your arrest and the presence of any prior convictions. An attorney can help you better understand what your circumstances might entail.

Contact Our Santa Cruz DUI Defense Attorney

If you are facing a possible DUI conviction and suspension of your driver’s license, get the experienced legal assistance you deserve. Contact John W. Thornton, Attorney at Law. Our Santa Cruz DUI defense lawyer can help you understand the charges and will aggressively represent you in your case. Call 831-426-5800 and schedule your consultation to learn more.


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