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Holiday DUI Crackdown Kicks off in Southern California

Posted on in DUI

Across the Southern California region including across Santa Ana and Los Angeles, law enforcement officers are gearing up to kick off the most intensive holiday DUI crackdown of the year. Several law-enforcement agencies in Southern California are participating in the effort to get drunk drivers off the street.

If you are driving under the influence of alcohol over the next few days, your chances of being arrested for DUI are the highest in the year. The special task force that has been designed to help crack down on intoxicated motorists is the Avoid DUI Task Force.

The message is clear - Drive Sober or Get Pulled over. The campaign is a no-tolerance campaign that is targeted at getting intoxicated motorists of the road. The counties of Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Ventura are included this year in the task force's efforts.

The campaign kicked off on December 12, and over the next few weeks and through the New Year's holiday, you will see more numbers of police officers, DUI checkpoints and driver’s license checkpoints. In Los Angeles, you're also likely see greater number of saturation patrols. You'll find more numbers of police officers on freeways, pulling motorists over and administering alcohol tests.

This is a zero tolerance campaign, and if you are driving under the influence, you can expect to be pulled over and administered a test. Don't take the risk of being arrested for DUI. It can dampen your holiday festivities. Avoid driving under the influence of alcohol. If however you are arrested, get in touch with a Los Angeles DUI defense lawyer immediately.

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