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Kings County deputy arrested for DUI while on-duty

 Posted on June 06,2012 in DUI

A spokesman for the Kings County Sheriff's Department says that when management and supervisors in the unit learned that the deputy smelled of alcohol, he was called back into the sheriff's office. Investigators called in the California Highway Patrol to investigate the man for evidence of alcohol.

The deputy now accused of DUI while on the job was scheduled for the night shift. Authorities claim the deputy had admitted to drinking before reporting for work. The accused has been with Kings County for nine years. He has been placed on administrative leave from the sheriff's office, pending an internal investigation.

He is also facing serious charges in criminal court. The 49-year-old deputy was booked into the Kings County Jail. He was released after six hours and is scheduled to appear in court in July on DUI charges.

A story about the DUI case carried by KFSN-TV News does not outline what any evidentiary alcohol test taken during the DUI investigation may have revealed. However, the news story reports that sheriff's department officials say that a preliminary breath test showed that the deputy's blood alcohol level exceeded the legal limit in California.

Source: KFSN-TV, "Kings County Deputy faces DUI charges while on the job," June 6, 2012

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