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Loughner Arraigned On Attempted Murder Charges

 Posted on January 25,2011 in Criminal Defense

U.S. District Court Judge Larry Burns from the Southern District of California has been appointed to hear the case. Judge Burns asked if the defendant was able to comprehend the proceedings. The defense declined to raise the issue at this time. The judge entered not guilty pleas on Loughner's behalf.

Additional charges may be filed in the matter. Six persons were killed in the alleged shootings and 13 people were wounded. A grand jury continues to be involved in investigated evidence in the case. Prosecutors reportedly expect to file a superseding indictment in the next 30 to 45 days.

Prosecutors turned over evidence to the defense prior to yesterday's arraignment. The defense acknowledged receiving two discs from the prosecution. The discs reportedly contain hours of video retrieved from Loughner's home computer. Additionally, the defense reportedly received statements from witnesses to the alleged shootings.

The arraignment was held in Phoenix, due to publicity in the Tucson area where the alleged shootings occurred. Prosecutors requested the next hearing in the matter be held in Tucson to be closer to witnesses and people involved in the case. The defense did not object to the Tucson appearance, which is scheduled for March 9.

Source: CNN, "Judge enters not guilty pleas for Arizona shooting suspect," Ted Rowlands and Michael Martinez 24 Jan 2011

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