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Memorial Day Holiday DUI

Posted on in DUI

With just a few days left to the Memorial Day weekend, which also kicks off summer season, it's the right time to focus on the need for drivers to be extra cautious about driving during the holiday.

The Memorial Day Holiday sees large numbers of law-enforcement officers on the roads to pull over motorists they suspect of driving under the influence of alcohol. Your chances of being arrested for DUI or being pulled over are much higher during this holiday, as well as the rest of the summer season.

If you plan to celebrate the beginning of summer with friends, make sure that you stay sober. It is not always easy to tell after you have consumed a couple of alcoholic beverages that you are legally able to drive safely. If you have consumed more than a couple of alcoholic beverages, simply avoid driving, and hand over the keys to someone else.

Prevent friends from driving under the influence of alcohol. Make arrangements to get home safely. Designate a driver for the evening. If you're hosting a Memorial Day Bash, make sure that you offer guests plenty of non-alcoholic options, so that guests have a chance to remain sober.

Make arrangements for everyone to get home safely. If you see an intoxicated guest, don't allow him to get into the car. Make sure someone drives him home safely. Be a responsible host and get sober guests to drive intoxicated guests home.

If you are the sober driver for the evening, avoid any alcoholic beverage. Staying sober can be a challenge, while everyone else around you is drinking. Be responsible and drink only nonalcoholic options.

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