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Mother in Trouble after Children Report her For Drunk Driving

Posted on in Criminal Defense

A Florida mother is in deep trouble after a DUI incident in which her children reported her behavior.

The woman was driving with her children and at least three other 11-year-old kids, when the children stopped the car, and ran out into a nearby restaurant. They told people in the restaurant that one of the children's mother was driving them under the influence of alcohol. Her driving scared them so much that they felt that they had to get help.

According to the children, the woman was very drunk and was swerving all over the road. She struck a pole, and that incident resulted in damage to the car. However, when they came to a stop outside the restaurant, the children jumped out of the car and ran in for help.

That wasn't all. It actually gets worse for the drunk woman. Eye witnesses at the restaurant reported that she simply staggered into the restaurant, and began screaming at the kids, yelling at them to get inside the car immediately. People at the restaurant were able to separate children from the mother, and restrained the mother till police arrived.

When police arrived, the children had more stories to tell. According to them, the woman had made several stops on her way, and had gotten progressively more intoxicated at each stop. She was so drunk that she had not been able to park her car in a parking spot in front of the restaurant. The woman resisted arrest initially, and was finally apprehended.

This woman needs a solid criminal defense attorney because she faces charges not only of drunk driving, but also child abuse and neglect. Charges of resisting arrest and other charges have also been added to the existing list of charges against her.

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