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Oakland Man Arrested on Suspicion of Numerous Robberies

Posted on in Shoplifting, Robbery & Burglary

A 21-year-old Oakland man reportedly called police around 5 a.m. on Wednesday to report a shooting. The man had not been hit by any bullets, but did have an injury. The 21-year-old was treated for the injury at a local hospital.

The man spoke with a police officer about the shooting. The officer directed the 21-year-old to the Oakland police headquarters. The officer notified headquarters that the man wanted to speak with investigators about a potential shooting. The officer also indicated the man matched the description of a suspect in a recent California armed robbery.

Two Oakland police officers reportedly spoke with the 21-year-old about the possible shooting that morning. After taking a statement about the early morning shooting the two police officers reportedly began questioning the man about a number of Oakland area armed robberies.

Sgt. Randy Wingate says the man admitted participating in more than 30 armed robberies during the interrogation. The majority of the alleged robberies occurred at gas stations, convenience stores and other small business. Police claim the man would work with an accomplice in the alleged armed robberies.

Law enforcement claims the man admitted that some robbery victims would recognize him from previous robberies and would give him money before he asked for money. In a number of the cases, the man allegedly would also take valuables from clerks or customers at the Oakland area businesses.

After interrogating the man about the alleged armed robberies, law enforcement took the 21-year-old into custody at the police headquarters for suspicion of armed robbery.

Source: San Jose Mercury News, "Oakland man reports shooting, gets arrested in 30 armed robberies," Harry Harris, 2 Dec 2010

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