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Police: $5 million worth of pot seized in two California grow houses

 Posted on August 03,2012 in Dealing with the Police

Acting on a tip, police say that they launched an investigation into potential marijuana grow houses in a Southern California neighborhood. Tuesday, detectives served search warrants at two homes, which are located just over two miles from each other. Law enforcement claims that the 7:00 a.m. search revealed $5 million worth of marijuana plants growing inside the Hacienda Heights, California, homes.

In addition to roughly 1,400 total marijuana plants in various stages of growth, law enforcement claims that the each of the homes contained elaborate marijuana growing systems. Authorities served a separate search warrant at the residence of a San Gabriel, California, man who authorities accuse of running the marijuana grow houses.

A Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department sergeant has summarily announced that the drug crime investigation indicated that the San Gabriel man "was the person responsible for operating and financing the marijuana grow houses."

In San Gabriel, investigators seized cash and other items that law enforcement believes is evidence that can be used against the San Gabriel man to link him to the marijuana growing operations. It is not clear in the media what "other evidence" law enforcement seized in the San Gabriel search.

Detectives claim that the Hacienda Heights marijuana grow houses were powered by stolen electricity from Southern California Edison. Authorities estimate that $125,000 worth of energy was stolen.

The San Gabriel man was arrested on suspicion of possession of marijuana for sales. He was booked into jail at the Temple Sheriff's Station with bail set at $100,000.




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