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Police accuse man of felony DUI after crash at Palo Alto home

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Police say that a man in his 70s crashed into a house Tuesday afternoon-the house reportedly is slated for demolition. Movers reportedly were at the house, removing items from the garage in preparation for the demolition project. Authorities say that the man who lost control of his vehicle struck one of the movers before crashing into the Palo Alto residence.

Police investigating the Tuesday afternoon car accident identified the driver of the sport utility vehicle involved in the wreck as a 73-year-old Palo Alto, California resident. During the accident investigation, police apparently suspected that alcohol may have been a factor in the incident. Ultimately, police arrested the Palo Alto driver on suspicion of felony driving under the influence.

Police say that the driver was not injured in the crash. However, a mover working at the site reported suffered moderate injuries, including a possible broken ankle, according to the Daily News.

It is not clear from media reports what law enforcement has based their suspicion that the driver was under the influence. The accident was reported shortly after 4:20 Tuesday afternoon. Law enforcement says that the 73-year-old driver performed poorly on field sobriety exercises after being involved in the wreck.

Law enforcement accuses the driver of felony DUI with personal injury. California DUI laws allow authorities to pursue a felony-level drunk driving charge based upon allegations that a person was injured in an accident involving a drunk driver. A felony DUI offense can bring significant consequences if a person is convicted of the offense, including potential time in prison.

Source: The Daily News via Mercury News, "DUI suspect arrested after crashing SUV into Palo Alto home," Jason Green and Victor Gonzales, April 3, 2013

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