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Police arrest driver for manslaughter after Walnut Grove accident

 Posted on September 10,2012 in Dealing with the Police

Police still have not determined, or publicly announced, what may have led to the tragic accident. Authorities say that the pickup truck, for some unknown reason, drove onto a sidewalk, and struck the two women. The truck then became wedged between a pole and a concrete retaining wall. The accident occurred outside the Marriott Hotel in Walnut Creek around 6:15 Saturday evening.

The Contra Costa Times reports that authorities have not yet determined whether speed, alcohol or drugs may have been a factor in causing the tragic accident. It is also unclear from publicly released information whether some other factor, such as perhaps a medical emergency preceded the sidewalk crash.

A 52-year-old Santa Barbara, California, woman was killed in the sidewalk accident. Her daughter-in-law was critically injured and was taken to a Walnut Creek hospital.

The man accused of driving the pickup was trapped inside the truck when the vehicle wedged between the pole and retaining wall. He was extricated from the wreck and taken to the hospital for treatment. Law enforcement in Walnut Creek arrested the 53-year-old upon his release from the hospital around 3:45 a.m. Sunday. Law enforcement reportedly continues to investigate the terrible accident.


Contra Costa Times, "Victim identified in fatal Walnut Creek sidewalk crash," David DeBolt and Joshua Melvin, Sep. 10, 2012

Victim identified in fatal Walnut Creek sidewalk crash

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