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Police: Watsonville man conspired to smuggle drugs into Santa Cruz Jail

Posted on in Drug Crimes

Law enforcement apparently concluded that the two men were in violation of the terms of their probation. Police say that they believed each man had terms prohibiting them from associating with a gang, according to the Santa Cruz Sentinel. Both men were arrested on suspicion of the violations.

Authorities say that the 22-year-old was searched at the Watsonville Police station after his arrest. During a body-cavity search, police claim that the man had concealed drugs that were packaged to avoid contamination of the substances and reduce the risk that the man would have an overdose of drugs. Police say that the substances included nearly 29 grams of pot, 11.6 grams of black tar heroin, as well as amounts of methamphetamine and cocaine.

The 22-year-old was not taken to the Santa County Jail on that same day. However, the 25-year-old was booked into the jail on the alleged probation violation.

Santa Cruz County officials claim that the 25-year-old appeared in the court gallery Wednesday to watch a hearing involving criminal charges filed against his brother. Police claim that the defendant in that case has gang ties.

Police arrested the 25-year-old when he was freely visiting the courthouse on suspicion that he conspired with the 22-year-old and two men held in the Santa County Jail to smuggle drugs into the jail. Police claim that the 25-year-old, who was not carrying drugs when he was arrested at the Watsonville mall, conspired to have the other man act as the mule in the fake probation violation scheme.

The 25-year-old may face several conspiracy and drug distribution charges, as well as gang enhancements.

Authorities say that they also plan to recommend that prosecutors bring conspiracy charges against the 22-year-old who was released December 13.

Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel, "Police foil plot to smuggle drugs into Santa Cruz County Jail," Stephen Baxter, Dec. 19, 2012

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