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Prom DUI Prevention Advice for Teens

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Alcohol is linked to as many as one-third of all teen car accident fatalities every year, and prom season is when many of those accidents take place. Drinking is illegal if you are below 21, but underage drinking is widespread on prom night.

Unfortunately, according to one study, as many as 90% of teenagers believe that their friends would drive while drunk on prom night. This indicates that these practices are extremely widespread.

Teenage drivers need to take precautions, and avoid driving under the influence of alcohol. Remember, prom night is an important night for you, but it is also when many teens are arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. A DUI conviction could mean a permanent blot on your record. It could interfere with your ability to get into a prestigious college, and could have all kinds of other consequences for your education and employment prospects in life.

Make arrangements for safe transportation much ahead of prom night. Discuss these means of transportation with your parents, and take their advice. Avoid attending parties where alcohol is served. If this is not possible, choose nonalcoholic options over the evening.

Don't drive after drinking alcohol, and do not get into the car with anyone who's intoxicated either. Friends don't let friends drive drunk. If you see any of your friends, attempting to drive a vehicle after drinking, prevent them from doing so. Hide their keys if you have to. You could possibly be saving their lives.

Discuss the dangers of drunk driving with your friends. Your teachers would probably have discussed the dangers of such behavior with all high school students. Further that discussion with your friends, and promise to avoid such destructive behavior.

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