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Santa Clara school principal arraigned on drug charges

Posted on in Drug Crimes

An anonymous tipster reportedly told an officer with the Mountain View Police that a Santa Clara elementary school principal was selling methamphetamine in San Jose and San Francisco. Law enforcement opened a probe into the educator.

An officer posed undercover on an online dating service last week and claims that the undercover cop and the school official arranged some sort of drug deal online, although the media reports that the conversation involved pretextual language to set up the alleged drug deal.

Police arrested the man in San Francisco Thursday at a location that police claim that the undercover officer set up on the online dating site to meet the school official. Authorities reportedly had also obtained a search warrant for the principal's home and car.

Law enforcement claims that they found several hidden cameras in the principal's home, which apparently alarmed police. Authorities seized some computer equipment from the man's home, and also took possession of a computer at the man's office at the school.

During the raid of the man's home, authorities say that a police dog located drugs. Authorities seized roughly a quarter-ounce of methamphetamine, seven Ecstasy pills, vials allegedly containing GHB--often called a "date-rape drug"--as well as numerous baggies, and a scale that police say contained traces of meth.

The Bay Area school principal has been charged with several counts of possession and transportation with intent to sell controlled substances. Authorities also accuse the school official of possessing an opium pipe. He appeared for arraignment Monday. He will return to court Friday on the charges. Bail has been set at $25,000.

Generally, court documents are public records, and a criminal defendant has the right to a public trial. However, media reports may often seem to carry a story due to the nature of the person's work, or public office. In our legal system, a defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in court. It is important for anyone accused of a California crime to consider seeking the assistance of a criminal defense lawyer to help protect the many constitutional rights in a criminal case that are part of the foundation of this country.


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