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Santa Cruz deputies raid Aptos home, man arrested on drug charges

Posted on in Drug Crimes

Santa Cruz County deputies announced this week that they have arrested an Aptos man on suspicion of drug charges. Sheriff's deputies reportedly raided the 47-year-old man's home Tuesday. Law enforcement claims they received a number of tips regarding a possible marijuana cultivation operation and sought a search warrant, apparently based upon the tips.

Deputies say the Aptos man was arrested during the police search. Authorities admit the man had a marijuana prescription. The man's medicinal medical marijuana card entitles him to grow a limited amount of medical marijuana for his personal use. Deputies, however claim the man rarely used marijuana personally.

Law enforcement says they found 500 marijuana plants and 4 pounds of processed marijuana in the Aptos home during the Sheriff's Office raid. Deputies further claim they found a scale and packaging material during the search. Authorities believe the alleged operation was capable of generating more than $150,000 annually. Law enforcement claims the man used the marijuana grow operation as his main source of income.

Santa Cruz Sheriff's Sgt. Mark Yanez says law enforcement also found an electrical bypass at the Aptos property. Authorities allege the man used the bypass to illegally steal electricity. Law enforcement apparently called out utility investigators to the Aptos location to remove the utility bypass.

The Aptos resident was arrested Tuesday evening on suspicion of marijuana cultivation, marijuana possession for sale and utility theft.

Although medical marijuana for personal use is generally legal in California, many individuals face charges under the complex marijuana laws in the state. It is important to speak with an experienced Santa Cruz medical marijuana lawyer when facing allegations of illegal marijuana possession to protect your rights in court.

Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel, "Deputies seize 500 plants in Aptos marijuana bust," Stephen Baxter, Oct. 13, 2011

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