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Santa Cruz drug rehab counselor arrested for alleged drug possession

 Posted on June 11,2012 in Drug Crimes

Santa Cruz County Sheriff's deputies have arrested a woman who works as a drug counselor at a local Santa Cruz drug counseling center. The woman is facing serious drug charges after deputies raided her home last week.

Authorities claim that they found 6.7 grams of heroin in the Santa Cruz resident's home. Deputies also say that they seized cash and materials they are characterizing as packaging items in the raid.

Sheriff's Department officials claim that they fielded repeated complaints of alleged drug deals at the woman's Santa Cruz home. One neighbor claims that drug deals have been going on in the neighborhood for the past year, according to Central Coast News. That person says several neighbors had called in tips to the Anonymous Tip line about the alleged drug sales.

The woman accused of possession of heroin for sales was booked into the Santa Cruz County Jail. Central Coast News reports that the woman has been released on $60,000 bail.

Law enforcement says that they obtained a search warrant before descending upon the private residence.

The woman reportedly is a registered drug counselor, but not a certified counselor. That means she cannot see patients without another counselor present. The counseling center has not revealed how many patients that the woman has seen.

Speculation has run in local media suggesting that the woman may have been selling drugs to people seeking drug rehab. The drug charges apparently include alleged evidence of packaging materials, but Santa Cruz deputies do not know to whom she allegedly may have been selling any drugs. Sheriff's officials say that the Santa Cruz drug raid is part of an ongoing investigation.


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