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Several dead, others injured in shooting at college in East Oakland

 Posted on April 02,2012 in Firearm Possession

California authorities reported to Oikos University in East Oakland Monday morning after gunshots reportedly rung out on the college campus. Students and others at the college dove for cover when the shot were fired. Officials say that as many as 10 people may have been hit by bullets, but conflicting reports have been issued as to how many people were killed in the college shooting.

SWAT team officers entered the college and other officers swarmed the campus and nearby locations Monday. Several miles away from the East Oakland campus, police in Alameda reportedly have arrested a man at a shopping center who law enforcement believes is connected to the incident.

Details about the entire incident remain confusing across media reports, including conflicting reports on the number of wounded or killed in the East Oakland shooting, and what led law enforcement to Alameda.

The man taken into custody may be facing serious felony charges that could range from multiple counts of murder, to assault with a deadly weapon and battery charges, if law enforcement can tie him to the East Oakland incident.

Many Central Coast residents can be confused by the legal distinctions between assault and battery offenses. Battery charges essentially require some element of contact with an alleged victim, such as hitting a person. Assault itself does not necessarily require some form of contact with an alleged victim.

When someone is accused of assault with a deadly weapon, or allegations of assault with force likely to cause great bodily injury, the stakes can be even higher. Manslaughter and murder charges can also expose a person accused of the offense to significant time behind bars.

We cannot know how the events reported in East Oakland Monday morning will transpire as time goes forward. Tragic events, such as the campus shooting, will likely receive a great deal of media coverage. As details of the day's incident remain sketchy, it is important to note that criminal charges are best resolved in court, and not tried in the media.

Source: Los Angeles Times, "Suspect in Oakland religious school shooting detained miles away," Matt Stevens and Stephen Ceasar, April 2, 2012

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