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Six-time U.S. ambassador charged with DUI and hit and run

Posted on in DUI

Now only just weeks after his retirement, he was involved in a traffic incident that has led to charges of drinking and driving and leaving the scene of a car accident.

According to an eyewitness report, Crocker was waiting a red light in the left lane of a roadway. However, when the light turned green, Crocker attempted to make a right turn, despite the fact that a semi-truck was in that lane. The two vehicles collided. The witness then followed Crocker's vehicle as he continued driving away from the scene of the crash, and then the witness finally called police.

When police arrived on the scene they asked Crocker to submit to a breathalyzer test. He complied, and according to police reports was very cooperative. However, both of the breath tests revealed a blood-alcohol content of more than twice the legal limit for alcohol.

It is important for California readers to remember that DUI charges can be defended against with aggressive strategies, even when the evidence seems to point towards guilt. This may, for example, include questioning whether any errors were committed when the breath tests were administered.

In Crocker's case, he entered a not guilty plea the day after his arrest. He will be in court again in the coming weeks to face the criminal DUI charges and present his defense.

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