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Sobriety Testing Cars Could Reduce DUI Risks

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According to new research, if all cars came with alcohol testing devices that would silently test motorist blood alcohol concentration levels, it would significantly reduce the risk of DUI arrests and alcohol-related accident fatalities.

According to the study that was published recently in the American Journal of Public Health, the savings in terms of lives in car accidents, would be tremendous. The researchers believe that as many as 10,000 lives will be saved over a 15-year period, if all cars roll out of factories with these in-car alcohol testing devices installed.

The devices that were tested as part of the study are called DADSS, or the driver alcohol detection system for safety. These devices are unlike the breathalyzer devices that motorists are required to install in their car after certain types of DUI arrests. Those ignition interlock devices require motorists to breathe into the device, and detect the amount of alcohol on the person's death. The device will proceed to shut the ignition down if the alcohol limit is beyond a certain set limit.

The DADSS device, on the other hand, would automatically monitor or identify the amount of alcohol in the person's blood, using sensors and infrared lights that would test for alcohol concentration without the need to breathe into the device. If the motorist responds to a blood alcohol concentration over .28%, the car would shut down, preventing him from driving. According to the developers of the DADSS device, this is a much more seamless and accurate device than an ignition interlock system.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is still a long way away from mandating such alcohol test devices in all automobiles.

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