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Some drug charges dropped against Chico man, but they might be re-filed

 Posted on May 11,2011 in Drug Crimes

A 62-year-old Chico man was arrested in October 2010 after a traffic stop near Tahoma, California. Police claim they discovered 103 pounds of processed pot in the man's vehicle during the traffic stop. The man reportedly was en route to a South Lake Tahoe pot cooperative. The man argued that he was in full compliance with California's medical marijuana laws at the time of the October arrest.

Before any ruling was made in the court proceedings in El Dorado County, prosecutors reportedly dropped the charges against the accused, but that may not be for long. Officials claim the man was involved in a pot growing operation in Butte County. The El Dorado marijuana charges reportedly were dropped pending the outcome of separate charges in Butte County.

After the original arrest, El Dorado County officials say they served a search warrant at the man's residence near Chico. Law enforcement claims they seized 295 pounds of marijuana and 62 plants during the search.

El Dorado County prosecutors dropped the marijuana charges related to the traffic stop while he faces charges of marijuana cultivation and possession with the intent to sell in Butte County related to the seized pot from the man's residence. El Dorado officials say they may re-file drug charges related to the traffic stop after the Butte County case is adjudicated.

After the Chico search, five other people were charged with marijuana charges in Butte County. One of the five individuals reportedly pled guilty to two counts and is on probation.

Source: Oroville Mercury-Register, "Chico man not off hook after drug charges dropped," Greg Welter 10 May 2011

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