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Someone broke through walls between businesses in California burglaries

 Posted on July 05,2012 in Shoplifting, Robbery & Burglary

Some business owners in an upscale Stockton, California neighborhood joked that an alleged burglar did some remodeling at their stores recently. Officials claim someone broke into a vacant store front and then used that access to break through walls into existing neighboring businesses. A dry cleaner, a Mexican restaurant and a pizza place were among those broken into in the alleged string of commercial burglaries.

Business owners quipped that the walls may have to be left alone. If a customer wanted an enchilada while at the pizza joint, the hole in the wall could help to accommodate the customer, the business owners reportedly said to News 10 in Sacramento. However, the business owners did reportedly scramble to repair the damage from the incident.

Authorities say the alleged burglar first entered an unoccupied storefront business and then broke through the drywall separating the other businesses. Police claim that the California burglar went from store to store taking a variety of items. The owner of one of the businesses was shocked and amazed that the alleged burglar was so sophisticated, according to News 10.

The owner of a dry cleaning business says that she lost money, a television and other electronics in the alleged heist. She says that it has been a rough few days for her in the upscale neighborhood. She says last Friday she was held up at gunpoint.

News reports do not suggest that law enforcement has made any arrests-in either the string of burglaries or the alleged armed robbery. However, a surveillance camera in one of the stores reportedly captured images of the alleged burglar making his or her way through the establishment. No doubt law enforcement will be seeking to attach an identity to the image.

It is important for Californians to remember that anyone suspected of a criminal offense has the right to have an attorney present during any police questioning. An experienced Santa Cruz criminal defense lawyer can advise a person suspected of a crime on how to deal with the police and be present during any criminal interrogation.

Source: News 10, "Stockton burglar goes through walls," June 4, 2012

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