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Sources say Gibson to plead no contest to California assault charge

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Allegations of domestic violence have followed actor Mel Gibson for some time now. Prosecutors have had the matter under consideration since last year. Sources indicate that Gibson and prosecutors have reached a plea agreement in the matter, which reportedly will be resolved in court this afternoon.

No felony domestic violence charges have been filed in the matter. Sources indicated earlier this week that prosecutors and Gibson reached an agreement for Gibson to plead no contest to misdemeanor assault charges in the matter. A no contest plea has the same legal effect as a guilty plea in a California criminal court. Prosecutors are expected to file the charge today, with a hearing later in the day to enter the no contest plea.

The allegations originally arose last year. Gibson's former girlfriend -- the mother of a daughter with Gibson--raised accusations that the actor hit her in their Malibu home. The ex-girlfriend also claimed that Gibson threatened her with a gun.

The plea agreement reportedly includes probation. Gibson is expected to avoid jail time under the agreement.

Controversy has followed the matter for more than a year. Sources indicate that Grigorieva took photographs of her broken teeth in January 2010 as evidence of domestic violence. Secret recordings of Gibson were leaked that were alleged to be related to domestic violence.

Gibson says his former girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, tried to use alleged photographs and recordings related to the incident to extort money from the actor. The sheriff's department reportedly also investigated the allegations of extortion. No charges have been filed related to those allegations. Prosecutors have declined to comment on either matter.

Source: Los Angeles Times, "Mel Gibson agrees to plea deal on domestic violence charges," Jack Leonard and Victoria Kim 10 Mar 2011

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