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Last fall, an off-duty Petaluma Police officer crashed a motorized scooter on the fourth fairway of the Rooster Run Golf Club. The police department held a benefit golf tournament at the public golf course October 5. The off-duty officer who crashed a scooter had worked the graveyard shift the night before the tournament and reported in the morning to drive a golf cart transporting "pin-up girls" around the course during the tourney and other tasks related to the event, according to the Press-Democrat.

At some point, authorities say that the officer borrowed a motorized scooter from a fellow officer and reportedly took a run onto the course. That is when he allegedly crashed, suffering undisclosed injuries. Officers and police brass were all over the course for the tournament, but after the wreck, the off-duty cop was not asked to perform field sobriety tests, nor did he submit any breath or blood sample.

Someone at the golf course called 911, and the officer was taken to Petaluma Valley Hospital for treatment. About a month passed, and Petaluma Police reportedly contacted the California Highway Patrol to open a DUI investigation related to the incident. Petaluma Police claim that the department had been looking into the incident and desired to have an independent investigation opened.


A spokesman for the Kings County Sheriff's Department says that when management and supervisors in the unit learned that the deputy smelled of alcohol, he was called back into the sheriff's office. Investigators called in the California Highway Patrol to investigate the man for evidence of alcohol.

The deputy now accused of DUI while on the job was scheduled for the night shift. Authorities claim the deputy had admitted to drinking before reporting for work. The accused has been with Kings County for nine years. He has been placed on administrative leave from the sheriff's office, pending an internal investigation.

He is also facing serious charges in criminal court. The 49-year-old deputy was booked into the Kings County Jail. He was released after six hours and is scheduled to appear in court in July on DUI charges.


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Speculation that Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman James Loney may have been driving under the influence is making its rounds in the media. The California Highway Patrol says the baseball player was involved in a series of accidents on the 101 freeway in Sherman Oaks Nov. 14.

Three drivers say that Loney sideswiped their cars in his Maserati and then came to an abrupt stop in the fast lane. The drivers say "he appeared to be unconscious" in his vehicle. The witnesses claim that Loney then woke up and "attempted to flee the scene," according to the Los Angeles Times. News reports say Loney crossed over all the lanes of traffic before hitting another car and eventually ran into the sound wall along the right shoulder.

A CHP officer claims that Loney displayed "objective symptoms of being intoxicated or being under the influence of something," after being involved in the freeway accident. The CHP officer reportedly arrested Loney on suspicion of DUI. However, law enforcement did not transport the ball player to the police station. Emergency medical personnel reportedly were concerned about the baseball player's behavior after the accident. Loney was released to a hospital to undergo testing to determine whether he was suffering from a severe medical condition.


Two people have been charged with driving under the influence involving the same car after an alleged incident over the Father's Day weekend. Police allege the couple attended a party in Northridge on Saturday and consumed sufficient alcohol to raise their blood alcohol content above the legal limit in California. Each has been charged with California DUI charges and child endangerment.

Police say a Glendale woman called police to report that her boyfriend had driven off from a restaurant parking lot as she was attempting to place her daughter in the vehicle. The woman stopped to get something to eat after attending the party in Northridge. Police say the woman's boyfriend was sleeping in the car while the woman and the couple's daughter went inside to eat.

The 43-year-old Glendale man reportedly woke up in the back seat of the car and grew angry because his girlfriend was eating without him. Police say the man grabbed the car keys and drove off. Police say the woman submitted to a breath test, which returned results of .18 and .19. Police arrested the woman early Sunday on suspicion of driving under the influence and child endangerment, alleging the woman drove with her 4-year-old daughter in the car. The woman reportedly was released Sunday after posting a $100,000 bond.

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A 50-year-old Mill Valley man was arrested on three consecutive days in three separate Bay Area cities for suspicion of DUI. The man appeared in Marin Superior Court Wednesday on two charges of DUI. The man asked for a court hearing to be scheduled on June 20. That is the day the man is scheduled to appear in San Francisco on a third California DUI charge. The DA argued against scheduling the hearing on the same day as the San Francisco hearing. The judge denied the request and scheduled the next appearance in Marin for June 21. The man had hoped to have the three cases processed on the same day.

The allegations initially arose last month when the Mill Valley man was arrested outside a San Rafael bank on suspicion of drunk driving and allegations of driving with a blood alcohol level of .01 while on probation. The very next day the man was stopped in San Francisco and again arrested on suspicion of DUI.

The third consecutive day took the man to Novato. A woman says the man was staggering near his car and asked for a ride to Burger King. The man reportedly got into his Volkswagen Beetle and drove off. A police officer says he saw the Beetle make a wide turn. The officer conducted a traffic stop. The man was arrested for DUI for the third consecutive day.

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DUI charges in California can bring direct consequences under California sentencing if an individual is convicted of a DUI charge. An experienced Santa Cruz DUI attorney knows that conviction for DUI can have other "collateral" consequences, beyond what the judge imposes at the time of sentencing.

So far this year, six Major League Baseball players have been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol across the country. Pat Courtney, a spokesman for Major League Baseball says the topic of discipline for ballplayers who are convicted of DUI will be "a topic of negotiations this time around" when the league and players union sit down to hash out the next collective bargaining agreement.

The current agreement expires in December. There is no provision in the agreement related to off-field matters. The number of ballplayers charged with DUI this year has caught the eye of the league.

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A 49-year-old Daly City woman was arrested over the weekend after an alleged incident at a Pacifica bar. The woman faces a felony DUI charge after she allegedly crashed into the establishment around 2:30 a.m. The tavern was closed at the time of the alleged incident; however several people were reportedly standing outside the bar just after closing time.

Police say the woman had been drinking at the bar earlier in the night. Police claim that the woman went from table to table just before the bar closed and consumed the left over drinks that had been left behind by other patrons.

Law enforcement claims that after the woman left the establishment, she got in her truck and attempted to back out of her parking spot. Police say the woman ran into a group of people outside the bar, causing injuries. One person reportedly became pinned between the pickup truck and the establishment in the alleged incident. Several people, including the 49-year-old woman reportedly were taken to the hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.


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An assistant coach for the Sacramento Kings was arrested early Thursday morning on suspicion of driving under the influence. The incident occurred around 1:15 in the morning. A California Highway Patrol officer says he noticed a broken taillight on a 1993 Mercedes-Benz. The officer made a traffic stop, which led to the California DUI arrest.

The assistant coach was booked into the Sacramento County Jail and released later Thursday Morning. He has since reportedly made a public statement about the arrest. He says that he had a couple of drinks before the arrest. In his statement he says his "blood alcohol level was slightly over the legal limit." California law places the legal limit at .08 BAC.

The coach said in his statement that he is "very sorry, embarrassed and disappointed for the position in which I put myself and team." The assistant coach is one in a string of people affiliated with the King's to be pulled over on suspicion of DUI over the past few years.

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