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Teen enters plea agreement to three California burglaries

Posted on in Shoplifting, Robbery & Burglary

An 18-year-old Fallbrook man entered a plea agreement that may expose him in the future to California's three strikes law. The 18-year-old agreed to plead guilty to three separate counts of California burglary charges. Each separate conviction qualifies as a strike under the California three strikes law.

Prosecutors reportedly dropped other charges pending against the teen in exchange for the three strikes plea agreement. The teen agreed to a three and a half year prison sentence under the current plea agreement. Actual sentencing in the matter is scheduled for April 6.

Prosecutors will have the ability to seek a sentence of 30 years to life if the teen is charged with any offenses in the future that qualify under the California three strikes law.

The current allegations arose early in the morning on January 4. Law enforcement received a call reporting a residential burglary was in progress. Residents of the home reportedly were inside the house during the alleged burglary. Before deputies arrived at the home, the 18-year-old is alleged to have fled from the residence. Police say the teen stole a television set, Blue Ray DVD player and a purse from the residence.

The couple that lived in the home reportedly told deputies that the suspect was known as "Curtis." A separate deputy had been investigating allegations of a vehicle burglary earlier in the morning. The owner of the car reportedly interrupted the theft from the car. The victim in the alleged incident with the vehicle provided deputies with the suspect's full name. The victim said a 15-year-old girl was also involved. A third deputy was investigating allegations of a separate residential burglary that same night.

Deputies went to the home where they say the suspect was known to be staying. The 18-year-old man and a 15-year-old female were arrested shortly after noon on January 4. Police say they recovered property allegedly stolen during the three burglaries involved in the plea agreement, as well as other alleged burglaries that prosecutors did not pursue in the plea agreement.

No charges have been filed against the 15-year-old. Prosecutors say they have that matter under investigation.

Source: The Village News, "18-year-old Fallbrook man pleads guilty to three felony strikes; to be sentenced April 6; 15-year-old girl involved," Debbie Ramsey 24 Feb 2011

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