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California Driver in Train Accident Had Previous DUI Conviction

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Investigations into the train accident near Los Angeles, which left more than 50 people injured, are now beginning to focus on the DUI history of the truck driver involved in the accident. He has several DUI convictions on his record.

The man, José Alejandro Sanchez-Ramirez apparently drove his truck onto the tracks, believing that it was the roadway, and later abandoned it. The train crashed into the pickup truck, and several of the cars derailed. More than 50 people were injured, and one of the engineers who sustained injuries in the accident, has since died.

Police found Sanchez-Ramirez more than a mile from the accident scene, walking and in distress. Prosecutors are waiting to file charges against him, and reports indicate that he has several previous DUI violations on his record. Tests have been conducted on him, but results are pending. It is not yet known whether drug or alcohol use were a factor in the crash.

His previous DUI convictions seem to have occurred in Arizona in 2004. He also has several other convictions on his record, including failure to obey a police officer, possession of liquor with a minor in the premises, and failure to have insurance. Other violations include DUI, and failure to obey a traffic control device.

His attorneys claim that he tried to do all that he could to move his truck just before the accident. Soon after the accident, they claim, he ran for help, but was in shock and speaks only Spanish, and therefore, could not call authorities.

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