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Two arrested after police chase following alleged fight in San Mateo

 Posted on October 09,2012 in Dealing with the Police

Police claim that someone called in to report a disturbance Sunday afternoon. Law enforcement claims that the initial caller reported that someone had a gun at the alleged fight. However, a detective with the Sheriff's office says that the gun allegations later turned out to be unfounded.

The San Mateo County Sheriff's Office sent several to investigate what authorities are characterizing as a "gang fight." It is not clear in the media what significance law enforcement attaches to the reference to a gang.

Authorities say that as deputies arrived at the scene, several people were at the location. Two people reportedly got into a car and left when law enforcement began to arrive. Deputies apparently decided to pursue the car, which law enforcement claims crashed into a parked car near Salal Road in San Mateo.

The Sheriff's office says that the two men were taken into custody. Deputies say that they believe the driver was under the influence and the California Highway Patrol was called in to gather evidence.

Authorities accuse the driver of evading police for the alleged car chase. It is not clear from media reports whether or not the driver will face DUI charges as well. The second man taken into custody reportedly will face a charge for public drunkenness. Authorities also say that the second suspect will face a charge of assault with a deadly weapon.

Officials claim that the second man had used a stick in the alleged fight in the sports field of the Moon Ridge development in San Mateo.

Source: Pacifica Patch, "Gang Fight Led to Police Pursuit and Crash," Jennifer van der Kleut, Oct. 8, 2012

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