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Two arrested in south Monterey County after police raid

Posted on in Dealing with the Police

Police say that an investigation into a string of alleged burglaries in Soledad led them to a location in south Monterey County. Officers from Soledad, Greenfield, King City and the Gonzales police departments converged to execute a search warrant Saturday at the location.

Law enforcement personnel seized a variety of items during the search, according to the Salinas Californian. Law enforcement claims they found roughly a pound of crystal methamphetamine, a small amount of cocaine and other prescription medications during the search. Police further claim the seized weapons, jewelry and stones police believe may be diamonds during the raid.

Police arrested two people after the search. A 25-year-old man police claim is a gang member and a 25-year-old woman police claim is a gang associate were taken into custody after the Saturday raid.

The two reportedly may face charges of possessing drugs for sale, stolen property charges and weapons violations, all of which may also carry gang enhancements.

California laws allow for significantly enhanced sentencing provisions for convictions of many crimes that attach allegations of a gang crime. Most gang crimes are considered felonies under California law and can also expose a person to the harsh effects of the California three strikes law.

Source: The Salinas Californian, "South Monterey County residents busted in raid," David Hernandez, Sept. 19, 2011

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