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Two drivers arrested for DUI after fatal construction zone accident on the 405 Freeway

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A 23-year-old Norwalk, California man in a Ford Explorer is believed to have run into the rear of the Lexus. The Lexus spun out of control, and reportedly struck three construction workers who had been working on the 405. The Ford flipped over onto its roof.

Two construction workers were fatally injured in the freeway accident. The third construction worker was able to walk around after the accident, and was eventually transported to an area hospital for treatment.

Both drivers involved in the freeway accident reportedly suffered scrapes and cuts from the crash. Each was transported to the hospital for treatment. Authorities say that both drivers were under the influence at the time of the 3:35 a.m. crash Sunday. After receiving medical attention, each driver was arrested on suspicion of DUI at the hospital.

Authorities are reportedly considering whether to bring involuntary manslaughter charges against each of the motorists involved in the fatal freeway accident.

Construction had closed down the freeway to only two lanes of traffic. The two vehicles were traveling in the lane next to the carpool lane when the two vehicles collided. The car pool lane and the lane the motorists were using were both open to traffic during the construction work. Authorities closed down those two lanes until Sunday afternoon to gather evidence and allow workers to finish the construction project.

Source: Press Telegram, "UPDATED: Suspected drunk drivers kill 2 highway workers on 405 Freeway," Phillip Zonkel, July 22, 2012

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